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Land Market Axis LLC, is a land specialized real estate company that offers to buy land and sell land to and from people who are interested in fast action, short closing times and may need help in a particular situation.

We value everyone that we serve or attempt to serve, and your trust in doing good business is always at the top of our list. Please contact us for any questions or concerns in how we can serve you better.

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Our Services
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Buying Land

We are in the business of purchasing land. Our team uses key factors in making offers for land that we consider to be worthwhile.

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Selling Land

Our Primary focus at Land Market Axis LLC, is to provide a place where buyers and sellers meet to do business. We aim to provide consistent offerings of land for our valued clients.

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Networking & Events

As both a company and enthusiast in the land business, we are focused on continuous growth and development, and submerge ourselves in various groups and events.

 We buy and sell land parcels of all sizes greater than .10 acreage nationwide. Please visit our new social media accounts on instagram and facebook - @landmarketaxis  

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We would like to hear from you! Please contact us with your questions or concerns by email, telephone or contact form. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a response.


  • +(1) 786-819-8785
  • 7451 Riviera Blvd
    Suite 223, PMB 1010
    Miramar, FL 33023

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